Our mission
We exist to help non-profit organizations maximize their fundraising efforts while providing desirable money saving products for consumers and effective advertising for businesses.
Company history
Savings Sidekick, Inc. came into being due to the classic story of supply meeting demand. Non-profit organizations are constantly in need of an easy, fast, and high profit fundraising program to raise money to fund their programs and activities. Savings Sidekick, Inc. meets this demand with our coupon book based fundraising program.

Jared Bakewell, founder and president, first encountered the concept of coupon book fundraising while raising money for various groups he was a member of throughout his youth. The books were popular with the public and easy to sell, but the profit his group kept was not enough.

Later, while attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), Bakewell met Stan Tafoya with the Lincoln Value Book. He had combined the easy sell of the coupon book with high profit for all organizations using his program. Upon graduation from UNL, Bakewell returned to his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska and brought the Lincoln Value Book's winning model with him under the new name, Savings Sidekick.

Now, Omaha area non-profit organizations have access to a fundraising program that will help them raise more money easier and faster than ever before. Savings Sidekick, Inc. is dedicated to helping Omaha area groups raise as much money as possible and aims to spread that program across the country so all non-profit groups can maximize their fundraising efforts.
President's message
Thank you for visiting the home of Savings Sidekick, Inc. We believe that non-profit organizations are a vital part of our community. They provide our youth with extracurricular activities, assist the less fortunate, and generally make Omaha a better place to live. Our mission is to help these worthy groups maximize their fundraising efforts.

As a kid growing up in Omaha I benefited by participating in several youth sports programs and was active in high school activities such as National Honor Society, marching band, and several sports and clubs. With the budgets of these organizations stretched to the limits it is our responsibility to make sure that these programs are in place for future generations.

If you are a member of one of these groups and need an easy, profitable fundraiser– that's what we are here for! Furthermore, if you are contacted by one of these groups raising funds with our program or any fundraiser, for that matter, please be generous and support these groups. They are building the future of our community!


Jared Bakewell
Savings Sidekick, Inc.
Contact information
Savings Sidekick of Omaha
10159 J Street
Omaha, NE 68127
(402) 502-KICK (5425)

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