Our Fundraising Program
The Savings Sidekick Omaha Coupon Book has quickly become known as "Omaha's Best Fundraiser." Our book is the fundraising idea you've been looking for and it's great for all kinds of organizations including school groups, youth sports teams, church groups, and other organizations.

We think you will agree our fundraiser will be perfect for your group because it is:


People actually want to buy our book because they will save more money using it than it cost to buy. Plus, they love the compact size. Finally a fundraising product you can be proud to sell!


Your group can raise thousands of dollars in a few short weeks. Plus, you can make the sale, deliver the book, and collect the money in just one visit with the customer!

High Profit!

Your group makes 50% profit. The book sells for $20 and your group keeps $10 per sale – no matter what! No minimums and no change in profit based on how many books you sell.


No Risk!

You sell the books on consignment which means that you only pay for the books that are sold – after you sell them. There is no money due up front and you can return any unsold books.


We limit distribution of the book so your group will be selling something different from everyone else. Finally no more cookie dough, wrapping paper, magazine subscriptions or frozen food that everybody is tired of selling – and people are tired of buying.

Great Rewards!

We will customize a rewards program for your organization. We don’t believe in trinkets that break or get lost after a few days. Our rewards range from Hummer Limo rides to iPods. Plus, we provide them so your profits are unaffected!

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Fill in the contact information below and we will quickly contact you to discuss your organization's fundraising needs. We are eager to help and aim to astound you with our customer service. You can also give us a call at (402) 502-KICK (5425).
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Your Earning Potential
The chart below illustrates the profit your group can make with our program. It's amazing how much money you can make when your group keeps $10 per sale!
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